What I mean by this is that anywhere you work, there shouldn’t be a time where you are scared to go to work. A real life example of this is at my current workplace. For my privacy, I will just use the name of the company I work for “Crystal Penns”. So at Crystal Penns, there has been a high occurrence of ongoing problems with employees. ranging from some workers being jealous of others for past reasons and from employees who bring their problem to work.

It doesn’t matter if you are having a bad day. Because everyone has a bad day sometimes. But if you’re having a bad day more than 50% of all your days then something is up. It is not anyone else that is messing up, it’s you. You can think other employees aren’t doing things properly that allows you to be upset at them. You especially shouldn’t be rude about it.

This is true for the minority of the population at my restaurant Crystal Penns. What is the solution? The only realistic option I can think of is to move some of the newer people up while hiring some new workers and cutting the hours of the workers whose performance is poor.

Not exactly sure yet but I feel like I need to take time of this decision. While that is happening here is a video of what should be happening at my restaurant! (jk)

An Equal Workplace Opportunity